About Us

We're Justin, Brittany, and Kennedy Siemens. We’ve been living in Taiwan since 2015. Exciting things were happening in our life in America, but we felt God calling us to something bigger.

We knew God was calling us to step up our game in ministry, but we weren’t quite sure what that looked like. Through different connections, we started conversations with friends in Taiwan. We made a swift decision to visit Taipei and the rest is history.

We are serving at a local cafe and church called The Aroma.  Justin and Brittany serve in many different areas. Some days they're leading the cafe staff and brewing up coffee and fixing up sandwiches, other days Justin is creating marketing material, printing media for the church, or even preparing a sermon here and there. Brittany often can be found baking bread and whipping up social media content for the business. If we’re not in the cafe, we’re likely out building relationships, discipling community members, or serving in one of our partner ministries. When Kennedy isn’t in school, she can be found pretending to make coffee (life of a coffee lover’s child!),  coloring, or reading books. She’s lots of fun!