Our Ministry

446 people die every day in Taiwan. Out of that, 432 don't know the Father.

We desire to be a light in what can be a dark place. That means spreading the aroma of Christ. Luckily we've got a place to do that.

At Aroma Church and Cafe we are able to utilize "career" skills such as videography, graphic design, social media, and marketing to further the smell of the Aroma. We don't want to stop there though.

There are many broken families and fatherless orphans in our district. Wanhua is the one of the poorest and socially outcast districts of Taipei, Taiwan. Physically the people ache and spiritually they long for the Father.

We are partnered with an organization called Envision, a partner of the Christian & Missionary Alliance. Along with loving on and discipling Taiwanese young adults, hosting small groups, and intentionally pouring into the people we meet, we host Envision interns in our home so that we can provide encouragement, prayer, and refuge on those days when culture shock can be overwhelming.


Sometimes the people we meet don't know how to forgive each other. Other times they're trapped in sin patterns or identity problems. Both Brittany and Justin are intentional about making time for those around them, whether it's as a one-on-one with a colleague, coffee and encouragement with an Envision team or intern , or perhaps even leading a small group through understanding the weekly sermons being preached at the Aroma Church. We have been given our Father's eyes for the people around us and want to see them flourish.  

Justin and his huddle. (Men's small group.)


Whether it's social media or creating business cards. Justin and Brittany hold active roles within the Aroma Church and Cafe ensuring that the organization as a whole presents itself as the aroma of Christ. Sermon media, promotional coffee shop posters, and event organizing are all part of our weekly missions at Aroma. 

Creating promotional material for Aroma's summer smoothies.