The Plan (Team)

We’re here to form a team.

We need passionate individuals to join together and share both the risks and profits of our common goal to further our great God’s Kingdom here on Earth.

We’re looking to you, our brothers and sisters to stand up and work with us.

We need your support; financially, spiritually, and emotionally. We are jealous of your prayers. We are thankful for your gifts… and can not wait to share life’s ups and downs with YOU!

So what’s this team look like?

Glad you asked. We’re looking for fifty individuals to pledge thirty dollars a month to help keep three of us in Taipei. We’ll do the grunt work, but these nifty fifty will keep us on the ground.

If the fifty are our backbone then the next group of colleagues are our knees. They help us bend and adjust to whatever the world throws at us. Right now, that might look like a one time gift. We’re currently in need of some departure costs. Airplanes take fuel to run.

Finally, this dream team will operate with only the finest prayer warriors amongst us. These comrades will assist in declaring God’s glory throughout our work and denounce any and all obstacles that the enemy may throw our way.

You may look at yourself and think, “Put me in, I can do all three!” Great. We love your enthusiasm. We welcome you to continue this conversation with us.

You can shoot us an email (, or sign up for our newsletter at the bottom of this page. Of course social media is always an option. If you’d like to learn how you can give towards our cause please visit this page.

Thank you for considering our plan. We hope you’ll make it your own. Join the team.

Can’t stop. Won’t stop. — Using your skills + talents

Through out our decision to move to Taiwan and even since we’ve talked to other people a question that has popped up is, “Will you still use your marketing skills?” or “How will you use your video chops towards this mission?” Just like a guitarist doesn’t quit playing his guitar when he steps off stage, we won’t quit doing what we love just because it does or doesn’t have a place in our primary function.

I won’t lie, although I’m confident in my answer above, this is something I struggled with. I love telling stories and it comes naturally through my work as a videographer. This role Brittany and I are heading into doesn’t guarantee I’ll do much video work but it doesn’t mean I can’t. I believe that God has given me my talents and insists I use them no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It may not be in the fashion or context that I desire but if I step away from the need to control those aspects and throw away my worry I can only imagine how much more that will free up God to use me however He desires. Ultimately He’s the one that gave me my skills and talents. Why would I know better how they should be used?

I’m not sure who the audience of this blog will be. I can’t be sure of who I’m speaking to, but if anything I’d like this post to be a reminder to myself. Use your skills and talents. After all, if I’m willing to invest into my God given skills and talents then how much more will He?