Funding + Language School

If you’ve been following our fundraising over the past few months you’ll know that we’ve seen God working in many of you, spurring you to give towards the ministry we’re a part of in Taiwan. We’re currently 65% funded, praise the Lord. Brittany has applied to several part time teaching jobs to supplement our support, but one thing going forward that we’re looking for help in is our language learning.

While Brittany was able to attend the Mandarin Training Center at a local university, Justin has not had the chance to study the language formally. We believe that speaking Mandarin fluently is the next step in diving deeper and creating a stronger Christ centered community around the Aroma cafes. There is so much we desire to do here with the locals and this new year we are looking forward to that deeper dive, creating new [Kingdom] culture, and to the many things God has in store. We’re also excited because being more fluent in Mandarin allows us to spread the Aroma further throughout the country in cities where English is much less prevalent.

If you’ve been following our journey and want to get involved, now is a great time. For three months of intensive language courses (15 hours a week of class time) we’ll need to pay $1,200USD up front. We’d love for Justin to be able to attend these courses for at least nine months, or rather, three semesters. That means for those three semesters the total amount would be $3,600USD.

Would you consider giving a one-time gift towards this?
Please, feel free to start a conversation by emailing us or if you’d rather just give, here’s a link for that as well.

Blessings and peace!
The Siemens


You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown

Well… I’ve always wanted to be called FLASH! I hate the name Charlie.

Last Saturday a handful of people from our Aroma community put on the musical titled You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown. One of our leaders, Jesse, came to Taiwan as a missionary after leaving behind a job as a theater teacher. Since then he’s always been brewing up new and interesting ways to use his skillset to further the Kingdom here in Taipei. This weekend was no different.

So why choose You’re A Good Man, Charlie Brown? It’s a show about a young man who doesn’t quite fit in, yet by the end of the night you’re left with a young man who has found a place in a community that accepts him. Our goal at the Aroma is to foster such communities. The Aroma exists to help people smell, equip them to become, and send them to spread the Aroma of Christ with excellence and urgency, through kingdom businesses and Spirit-filled communities.

The cast of YAGMCB consisted of three Americans, one Canadian, one Thai, and a Taiwanese.

While the show premiered at our original cafe location, Aroma’s brand new cafe located in the heart of Taipei’s poorest neighborhood served as a great place to put on a show. I was amazed at the amounts of people that poured in from all over the city. Many friends had been invited who perhaps otherwise wouldn’t be interested in visiting us at the cafe or church. Even one of my good friends I met playing basketball decided to join in the entertainment despite all my past attempts to get him to hang out with me at the cafe having failed.

All together the crew put together six shows, three at each location. It quickly showed to hit all three of our bottom lines. We sold out or nearly sold out all of the shows. We were able to create an event that brought joy and laughter to the community. Hopefully they’ll return to Aroma knowing it is a safe place where they are welcome. And finally, YAGMCB brought Kingdom expansion. Seeds were sewn as even the cast was affected by Holy Spirit working in them throughout the production.

Praise the Lord.

January Update

…and just like that the first month of 2018 has come to a close. Here’s a short list of some awesome stuff that happened!

Praise the Lord!

Recently during our family worship we’ve been learning about the Ten Commandments. Of course this has led to many questions from Kennedy. Most importantly she started asking why people do things that God doesn’t want. Eventually we got to the point one evening during supper where we were able to lay out everything from Christ’s death, resurrection, and our new life through his sacrifice. Kennedy took some time to think about it and the next morning she asked us to pray a special prayer with her. As parents, we are so excited. We’re honored to be able to champion our daughter like this.


Aroma Dongyuan, located in the heart of WanHua, Taipei.

You may have already heard, but last month Aroma 2, or as we now call it, Aroma Dongyuan (because of the street on which it’s located) opened! So far it’s been a huge success. Pray for the staff as they work diligently to serve the people. After Chinese New Year we will begin more ministry opportunities at this new location.





Kennedy, Brittany, and our good friend Steven joined Justin for a hot pot birthday lunch.

Justin turned 28 this year and to celebrate he was treated to two separate dates with his ladies. Bubble tea with Kennedy and a night out with Brittany. Of course, after four months away from Taiwan a proper hot pot meal was also in order! 


Currently we have two ladies who live with us. Both of them are serving here with Aroma through Envision and both of them have become dear friends of ours. This last month we were happy to see Emmi get engaged to her boyfriend and Aroma church leader, Mark. We’ve loved getting to know

Brittany and Kennedy with our roommate Emmi! Congratulations Emmi!

them as a couple and have been honored to speak into their lives as they explored dating. Now they’re taking the next step and we couldn’t be any more excited!