A new look for a new season!

Both Brittany and I are the type of people that find it necessary to keep our desks clean (most of time), do the dishes every evening before heading to bed (…most of the time), and make sure the house is tidied before we leave for the day.

We do these things to make sure the next time we, or any of our house mates, use our space it’s clean and ready to be used.

Similarly, we want our blog to be ready for a new season. We recognize that we weren’t always the best at keeping it up to date over the last year. We’ll do better this time and part of that effort to keep our friends, family, and partners involved and part of this calling God’s put on our hearts is to keep this website going!

So, enjoy the new layout. I hope it’s super speedy and you’re able to navigate it well. Keep coming back for more updates on the blog as well as other video/media content concerning our happenings in Taiwan!

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