A Sermon by Kennedy

How to Get Joy and How to Smell, Become, and Spread

First, we will be talking about how to find joy. Joy is not what you get right away. So, I know some of you will think, “Then how do you get joy?” Well, it is not easy to get it, but you should…

  1. Pray
  2. Tell God you want to help with something.
  3. Do it.

Then, you will be happy with what you have done.

Next, we will be talking about how to smell, become, and spread. It’s easy to do.

  1. Come to the Aroma.
  2. Tell us you want to know Jesus.
  3. Tell people about Jesus.

Thank you for listening guys. We love you guys.

A photo of Kennedy’s sermon notes. We love seeing her write!

2 Replies to “A Sermon by Kennedy”

  1. Kennedy,
    Thank you so much for your sermon on joy. Your writing of this is full of wisdom from God. Your heart and dependence on God is so evident.
    In His Service

    Sue Aldrich

  2. That is super! Thank you Kennedy for making something seemingly complex incredibly simple! I needed to hear that today!
    Love ya,

    \\PS, God put you all on my heart the other day. Reach out to me for ANY prayer needs, and I got your back. Love to you guys!

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