About Us

We're Justin, Brittany, and Kennedy Siemens. We’ve been living in Taiwan since 2015. Exciting things were happening in our life in America, but we felt God calling us to something bigger.

Before Taiwan, both Brittany and Justin worked in marketing. Brittany on a marketing team at a local bank and Justin at a Sioux Falls ad agency. There they were able to develop different practical skills to put to work. 

We knew God was calling us to step up our game, but we weren’t quite sure what that looked like. Through different connections, God began opening up the door. He challenged our status quo, so we began to take a peek. In March 2015 we took a short visit to Taiwan to visit the Aroma Cafe and Church and we swiftly returned, packed our bags, and moved our family to Taipei.

We are serving at a local cafe and church called The Aroma.  Justin and Brittany serve in many different areas, however we currently invest the most time in the Church ministry. That means a lot of discipleship talks, sermon prepping, and even reaching out to the lost via social gathers and social media! Other days we might be brewing up coffee or designing a new menu. We love using our gifts. 

Our daughter Kennedy loves life. When Kennedy isn’t in school, she can be found pretending to make coffee (life of a coffee lover’s child!),  coloring, singing, dancing, or reading books. She’s lots of fun!

In October of 2019 our second daughter, Hailee, was born right here; in Taipei! She's growing quickly, but we feel so blessed to be able be a "family on mission" here in Taiwan. 

Wanna' see a bit of what Taiwan and the Aroma are like? Check out our fundraising video from 2017!