Ai Taipei

Ai means love in Mandarin. Another definition I’ve seen is to value or to treasure. To TREASURE! We believe that love needs to be at the root of all ministry; people need to be seen as a special treasure. We are, after all, created in God’s image. This truth needs to be at the very core of our being. It needs to be so in-your-face obvious, blatant, and unmistakable in everything we do. From saying hello to someone on the train, to buying a cup of coffee for the homeless man you see every day, to conversations with friends, it all means nothing if love isn’t there to back it up.

Christians are the body of Christ here on Earth, and just like God loves us, we are called to love others. That’s what we want to do, and that’s what we need to do. Love Taipei. Ai Taipei.


Because we want this to be a theme throughout our lives in Taipei, we’ve decided to make it a hashtag! Look for it in our social media updates so you can keep us accountable. #AiTaipei

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