Aroma (東園) DongYuan Grand Opening!

If you had the chance to meet up with us while we were back in the USA then you probably heard all about Aroma starting up their second location. Well, on January 12th, 2018, Aroma DongYuan finally opened! Located in the heart of the WanHua District where, as a friend and non believer bluntly told me, “those people need Jesus“.

The Aroma exists to help people smell, equip them to become, and send them to spread the Aroma of Christ with excellence and urgency, through kingdom businesses and Spirit-filled communities, so that, Taiwan, and the world will be reconciled to The Father. This second location will be a great tool to do just that!

It just so happened that we opened it a day before the first location’s 6th birthday, too!

Right now, the cafe is fully operating and it also has a wonderful 2nd floor space to meet together where we will host regular prayer meetings. In the future we hope to have other ministries and possibly even church services meet there!

Want to take a look inside? Click on our Google Maps location to see more pictures!

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