Beach Baptisms

You never know who’s watching… This last weekend we helped and participated with Aroma’s annual beach baptism. A couple from a local frisbee group that I play with every Monday night were invited and showed up, which was a little bit to my surprise. (I’m not sure why… God works in many different ways!)

They knew a few people there beside my family, but they definitely seemed a little out of their comfort zones. We were, after all, having a Christian baptism just a couple hundred meters away from a huge temple.

This was special for more than one reason though; Brittany had chosen just a week or two earlier to be baptized. It’s something she’s pondered often and Holy Spirit definitely stirred something up in her to choose this weekend. After all, it wasn’t our first baptism service with Aroma.

I haven’t had a chance to ask my frisbee friends what they thought of the service…, but I definitely will soon. As I held Brittany while our pastor submersed her in the ocean waters I was keenly aware of the eyes watching and wondering. “Why is this young woman is giving her life to God, in Taiwan, outside of her home, outside of her culture.” It was one of those moments where one can easily sense that the aroma of Christ is spreading!

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