Can’t stop. Won’t stop. — Using your skills + talents

Through out our decision to move to Taiwan and even since we’ve talked to other people a question that has popped up is, “Will you still use your marketing skills?” or “How will you use your video chops towards this mission?” Just like a guitarist doesn’t quit playing his guitar when he steps off stage, we won’t quit doing what we love just because it does or doesn’t have a place in our primary function.

I won’t lie, although I’m confident in my answer above, this is something I struggled with. I love telling stories and it comes naturally through my work as a videographer. This role Brittany and I are heading into doesn’t guarantee I’ll do much video work but it doesn’t mean I can’t. I believe that God has given me my talents and insists I use them no matter where I am or what I’m doing. It may not be in the fashion or context that I desire but if I step away from the need to control those aspects and throw away my worry I can only imagine how much more that will free up God to use me however He desires. Ultimately He’s the one that gave me my skills and talents. Why would I know better how they should be used?

I’m not sure who the audience of this blog will be. I can’t be sure of who I’m speaking to, but if anything I’d like this post to be a reminder to myself. Use your skills and talents. After all, if I’m willing to invest into my God given skills and talents then how much more will He?

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