Christ’s Coming… Are you ready?

I love this image.

This picture, drawn by Everett Patterson, came up on my newsfeed one day as I scrolled through Facebook posts. The image is almost three years old, and I’d seen it somewhere before. This caused me to stop long enough to give it a second glance. I started thinking…

As you read through the Gospel accounts of Christ’s birth this holiday season you might notice something. Almost no one is prepared for what was to come! Very few were anticipating Christ’s arrival! This picture gives a unique glimpse into how Joseph and Mary might have felt if their story had taken place in modern day. I appreciate how the artist clearly shows that they were not ready for what was about to happen.

This winter we prepare to celebrate God’s gift to mankind and yet, as I look around I see people who are still not prepared. Is there anyone in your life whom God might be calling you to prepare for a closer, personal relationship with Christ?

Join us in pray as we all go out into our own towns, cities, and nations to take up these awesome opportunities to prepare those around us for His arrival!
Blessings and peace during this glorious celebration of our Savior’s birth!

The Siemens
Justin Brittany and Kennedy

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