From bad to worse, then back to good

I’ve actually been waiting to post a blog of this sort. They say you can’t tell a good story without some sort of trial or tragedy. Today was definitely both. I often feel our blogs don’t include enough of this to form a compelling story so here’s today’s… 

The day started at 5:30AM when I awoke just in time to witness my daughter expel the contents of her stomach through her mouth and onto the floor. Great.

I actually felt bad for her. I wasn’t mad or frustrated, just sad. Today was supposed to be our Sabbath day. A day to relax, appreciate and worship our Provider, and enjoy each other’s company…  and today we were going to Disneyland. Now I’ve never been to Disneyland and neither has my daughter, but it didn’t help that I’d hyped it up for most of the day before. Bummer.

What really got to me though, was how this change of schedule effected the rest of my week. No Disney meant it would be rescheduled to another day which then shifts everything else. Today was supposed to be a day of rest. I needed it too! The day before Brittany and I had a few tough conversations designed to really stretch us and I needed time to rejuvenate. Not to mention, I’d taken my computer in to be serviced the day before. My plan had been to pick it up the day after Disney. Ugh.

My family quickly put a plan together to reschedule, but it conflicts with another engagement I’d made. All of this combined with no morning caffeine was enough to put me over the edge. I grabbed a notebook, pencil, and some headphones and drove off to a coffee shop, all while still being quite annoyed.

God’s will is always, and I repeat; ALWAYS, better than ours though. I was reminded of this in the car as I drove off. This song began to play (emphasis added);

In the pouring rain
I will be the same
When you’re wandering
You and I will still remain
You’ll run and hide
Deep in the night
Give up the fight
I am ALWAYS on your side
I am enough, always enough
You are enough, precious and loved
Morning will come, sure as the Son
I am enough, you are enough
You are enough


These simple words changed my day. What in the past could have easily ruined an entire 24 hours had now drawn me closer to my Savior in about two. When I arrived at my destination I’d already experienced a heart change. It was reinforced as my daily reading brought up 2 Samuel 22:2-4, King David’s song of deliverance. So today, it became mine too.




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