Fundraising Update No. 1

The journey has begun and our team is slowly coming together. We have started fundraising full force! Talk about all the emotions! It’s scary and stressful, but also sometimes fun. After all, this is just one more opportunity to share our testimony with you as God continues to provide! We want to make sure everyone is kept in the loop, so we will be doing update blog posts each time we get a new report (about twice a month). They probably won’t be super long or in depth, but we want everyone to be aware of where we’re at.

Our first report came on Tuesday, and we’re happy to announce that we are 19 percent supported. We still have a ways to go, but wow! We are 19 percent closer to being able to move to Taiwan!

Please continue to pray for us before we leave. Pray that God would continue to provide more partners and collaborators in this new chapter, and if you feel like you’re being called to partner with us, then please pray that God would affirm that as well!

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