Go Skateboarding Day

Meet Caleb. He’s awesome. He left everything he knew in his home country (Canada) to come spread the aroma of Christ in Taiwan. Here he met his wife and now fathers two beautiful boys. When he’s not parenting he pours himself into others. This primarily comes in the form of skateboarding. Slowly, but surely, Caleb has found ways to weave himself into the skate community of Taipei. There he goes after the lost, fatherless, and hurting.

I got to go with Caleb on Taiwan’s national skateboarding day. It was a fun day of connecting and skating, all while shining Christ’s light into the darkness.

This is one part of Aroma’s community that I love. God has placed many people with many different interests and talents into community and it’s so cool to see God using each individual and their unique abilities to further his Kingdom.

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