Here’s Why There’s Another Party In Heaven [GUEST POST]

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We felt like the event described below was worth sharing with you! Enjoy!

Our desire is for people to smell the Aroma of Christ through the different ministries and events we offer so that they may make the choice to follow Jesus and become more like Him. We would then like to teach them how to spread the Aroma of Jesus to their families, friends, workplaces, and even outside of the country!

Ten years ago we started our Friday night English ministry, “Coffee Talk,” as an opportunity for many people to smell the Aroma of Christ. One individual, J, began coming to the sessions in June of last year. He sat at Nathan’s table for several weeks in a row, and Nathan quickly took him in as a friend. Later, they began spending time together outside of Coffee Talk. Another Taiwanese church member, James, also started reaching out to J and he has since became part of our community.

Within the past few months, J has begun attending church services and has become much more interested in what it means to follow Jesus. Just a few weeks ago, Nathan asked J if he would be interested in them reading the Bible together. J agreed — enthusiastically!

This [past] Sunday (03.04.18), Chris gave the call to make the choice and say “Yes!” to Jesus. At the end of the service, Nathan and J came to the front to pray with Chris and do just that. Jesus says, “There is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents!” (Luke 15). We rejoice with the angels as another lost sheep has been found!

Praise Jesus for the work God is doing in the hearts of those who have smelled the Aroma of Christ! May many more follow the same path!

For privacy reasons we’ve blurred the image used above and edited our new brother’s name.

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