Hosting the Aroma

While most of us were celebrating Thanksgiving with family eating turkey and cranberry sauce, across the Pacific ocean was a gathering of believers who shared a chicken meal with a salad side as they gave thanks for each other and their Creator. This isn’t part of the culture they grew up in. They don’t watch football after the meal…, but together they’re creating a culture in which they hope others will want to immigrate to. A culture that hosts the wonderful aroma of Christ.

If you hadn’t clued in yet, I’m talking about the Cafe and Church my family are a part of; The Aroma.

The Aroma exists to help people smell, equip them to become, and send them to spread the Aroma of Christ with excellence and urgency, through kingdom businesses and Spirit-filled communities, so that, Taiwan, and the world will be reconciled to the Father. (Aroma’s vision statement)

Instead of their usual Sunday service, last week the Aroma hosted a Thanksgiving event for it’s congregation. While my family and I can’t be there, it’s awesome to see the ministry continue on and do what it’s set out to. This event encompassed the Aroma’s slogan, ‘Smell, Become, Spread’, to the fullest! Our housemate, Emmi, summed up the experience perfectly in this social media post.

Our Thanksgiving outreach was a huge success! First we heard a good word from Mark Cheng (Our Missional Growth Leader), then we met new friends like Wendy (top right picture, to the left of Emmi and Mark) doing outreach, enjoyed a meal together, prayed with a friend who accepted Jesus, and shared our leftovers with homeless. I love serving our God!!

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