January Update

…and just like that the first month of 2018 has come to a close. Here’s a short list of some awesome stuff that happened!

Praise the Lord!

Recently during our family worship we’ve been learning about the Ten Commandments. Of course this has led to many questions from Kennedy. Most importantly she started asking why people do things that God doesn’t want. Eventually we got to the point one evening during supper where we were able to lay out everything from Christ’s death, resurrection, and our new life through his sacrifice. Kennedy took some time to think about it and the next morning she asked us to pray a special prayer with her. As parents, we are so excited. We’re honored to be able to champion our daughter like this.


Aroma Dongyuan, located in the heart of WanHua, Taipei.

You may have already heard, but last month Aroma 2, or as we now call it, Aroma Dongyuan (because of the street on which it’s located) opened! So far it’s been a huge success. Pray for the staff as they work diligently to serve the people. After Chinese New Year we will begin more ministry opportunities at this new location.





Kennedy, Brittany, and our good friend Steven joined Justin for a hot pot birthday lunch.

Justin turned 28 this year and to celebrate he was treated to two separate dates with his ladies. Bubble tea with Kennedy and a night out with Brittany. Of course, after four months away from Taiwan a proper hot pot meal was also in order! 


Currently we have two ladies who live with us. Both of them are serving here with Aroma through Envision and both of them have become dear friends of ours. This last month we were happy to see Emmi get engaged to her boyfriend and Aroma church leader, Mark. We’ve loved getting to know

Brittany and Kennedy with our roommate Emmi! Congratulations Emmi!

them as a couple and have been honored to speak into their lives as they explored dating. Now they’re taking the next step and we couldn’t be any more excited!

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