On our way home!

You’ve been praying, we’ve been praying, and God has been providing. You may have read about some of our financial needs in a past blog post. God’s provided 97% of what we were asked to raise in one time gifts. You may have also heard that our family battled the flu just a week before our departure. As I write this our family is fever free! While we aren’t quite back to Taiwan yet… we are confident in our God! Because of His past faithfulness we walk forward and, Lord willing, board an airplane from SFO to TPE on March 9th.

We are so excited to be returning home. Back to the place our family has lived for almost five years! I won’t lie though, it’s still not easy heading home. It’s always strange after a home assignment; the desire to be near family is always real. Often past memories start to flood your mind and you start to question why you’re going back. The flesh desires what is comfortable and familiar and for some reason whenever we begin our return these feelings are heightened. Yet, we know God is doing great things through the ministry that we’re a part of and we know that we’re not done yet!

This year we’re excited to work closely with the Aroma church leadership to form long term exit plans for the church to be fully run by our Taiwanese brothers and sisters.

Thank you for praying for us in this journey. Thank you for giving so faithfully! Will you pray for us as Kennedy goes back to first grade? Pray for the apartment that God is already preparing for us. Pray that the search for that home would be smooth! Will you also pray for our community as the COVID19 virus still wreaks havoc and strikes fear into many people. We know fear eats up our faith and because of God’s greatness we have nothing to fear! Pray our spiritual protection the enemy tries to convince us otherwise.

We’ll report back when we finally get back to Taipei, but for now know that we’re almost there and on our way. Thank you for joining us in this God driven adventure!

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