Our Midwestern Life

We’ve lived in the tiny city of Sioux Falls for three years now.

After graduation in 2012, we had no idea what we were going to do. Unbeknownst to anybody but us, I was about 8 weeks pregnant and we had no jobs. Sioux Falls was the logical choice at the time.

I got a contract job processing student loans for a bank, and Justin interned as a TESOL teacher for refugees, and was eventually hired as a graphic designer for a small company. October and November that year were whirlwind months…I got a new job working in a call center for a credit card company (definitely not my cup of tea), and a few weeks later, Miss Kennedy was born three weeks early.

Fast forward some, and Justin has been working for a marketing agency in town doing video and motion graphics. I’ve also taken up the title of marketing specialist at a locally owned bank. Kennedy goes to daycare where she has a ton of friends and is adored by all of her teachers.

Our happy midwestern life was great, but we’d reached the point where we were bored in our contentment. We realized we needed something different, and wanted that something to glorify God. We had several doors seem to open at once, all of which we knew God would bless…we simply had to choose. When Justin and I took our first trip to Taipei in March, we just knew that’s where we wanted to be.

Right now we are preparing for a two-year commitment. At the end of that time we’ll reevaluate everything and see where God might take us (or keep us?) from there!

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