Pay It Forward


Recently Justin and I had a chance to help create a new campaign at Aroma Cafe. Pay-It-Forward! 

Through videos like this and other promotional content we wanted customers to be aware of this chance to give selflessly to help others. Customers can simply tell their cashier they want to purchase something to pay it forward. Since we don’t have drive-thru window we give the receipt to the customer and have them pin it on our receipt board which is hung up near the entrance of the cafe.

We wanted a way to include customers and allow them to be a blessing to others. In the States, the idea of Pay It Forward is well-known, and you’ll often hear about it in the line at Starbucks, or when someone buys someone else’s groceries, but in Taiwan it’s a rather foreign concept. The idea for a receipt board came from a pizza shop in Philadelphia that has a similar concept.

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