Pizza and Jesus

My family loves pizza. My family loves Jesus. So when the occasion arises to spend time teaching our friends about Jesus AND pizza, we spring into action.

Some of you might know that Brittany and I are really into huddles. We’ve talked about them before, but to summarize quickly… A guy named Mike Breen wrote a book called Building a Discipleship Culture. In Breen’s book, he talks about building disciples in micro groups and he uses shapes to describe the Christian life as modeled by Jesus. Together, with Holy Spirit’s guidance, we’ve been doing life with our huddles ever since we read the book.

Most recently our huddle learned about the half circle.

We used this shape to learn what the Bible teaches in Genesis 1 as God shows his creation how to work from rest, not rest from our work. Also what natural rhythms look like as seen in John 15 as Jesus describes seasons of fruit and seasons of pruning.

God calls us to seek him in these natural rhythms. He has made both work and rest good, and so we must make sure not to sway too far to one side of the pendulum for too long. After all, too much rest leads to laziness and too much work leads to burn out; something that I’ve experienced first hand.

Together as a huddle, we practiced resting. We heeded God’s command to keep a Sabbath and refrain from work. We took time to listen and let God show us what gifts he’d given us to enjoy and relish while we rest and receive energy. Enter pizza, stage left.

When we rest and work well, this is a testament to our trust in God. We wanted to live this out with others… and so we had a pizza party. Our huddle of five invited a couple of friends and we went out and enjoyed some of our favorite pizza in the city. (Shout out to Little New York!) Why? Because God loves us and wants us to work hard, and play hard, too.

The group, minus one. Photo credit goes to Andrew Chen

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