Staying Sane in the Transition

Transition is a period of changing from one state to another. It’s hard. Transition offers a time of growth, but that doesn’t make it easy. You’re stuck in the middle. Or at least that’s how I feel anyway. Like Justin has said in an earlier post, we’re in the middle of a transitional period right now.

My tiny family of three is gearing up for the biggest move of our lives.

This is exactly what we wanted, but it is still stressful. Our to-do lists are growing faster than we can check things off. With doctor appointments, legal things, and selling and giving most of what we own, it’s hard to find some downtime in the midst of it all!

For me, downtime is so important. And not just downtime, but alone time; me time. I need time to just relax. Relaxing never looks quite the same to me. Sometimes it means going for a walk or just being by myself to think or to pray, or reading, and sometimes it’s as simple as disengaging my brain for half an hour to watch a show on Netflix!

Just because I like my alone time, that does not mean that I don’t enjoy the time I spend with my family. Sometimes taking my two-year-old to an open gym is just as relaxing as being by myself.

Besides those activities, I find it crucial to have a support system outside of immediate family members. I love that my husband is my rock, and I am extremely thankful for him, but it’s also important for me to find encouragement and fellowship in my close girlfriends.

Sometimes, the cure for my anxiousness can be found in a good cup of coffee and a good friend letting me pour my heart out to them. Sometimes I just need to share my fears; rational and irrational as they may be, with a trusted confidante. It is so refreshing to have someone sprinkle in little doses of wisdom into your heart, especially when they don’t even realize they are.

Finally, the most cliche answer to how I avoid getting overly-stressed about our upcoming move: the Bible. It’s difficult sometimes to force myself into it, but when I do, I feel overwhelmed with relief. Like my fears are melting away, like I know that everything is going to work out the way it’s supposed to. Even when it’s a short devotional, the Bible seems to have the answers and comfort I’m seeking at the time.

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