Stop, then Start

Books are such great gifts. They’re jammed packed with fresh ideas, adventure, and inspiration.  Only in recent years have I learned to appreciate them and that’s a good thing because I can’t remember the last Christmas I didn’t receive a book.

It turns out I’m not the only one who gets books as gifts. A friend of mine recently shared a review about a recent book he received called Divine Direction by Craig Groeschel. As I read the description of the book, it listed out a few things it would help you do, with the Holy Spirit’s guiding.

You’ll consider one thing to stop that’s hindering you; how to start a new habit to re-direct your path; where you should stay committed; and when you should go even if it’s easier to stay. (From the description page.)

Without even reading the book, I started pondering this idea. After all, it’s a new year and that’s the kind of thing people do, right? After some good one-on-one with Holy Spirit the next morning I came to a conclusion. I want to start reading more. More Bible time, more books on how I can grow myself, my family, and my relationships with friends. More books on discipleship, more on coffee and perhaps a couple novels thrown in for good measure. I want to soak up more wisdom that comes from reading books. In order to do this I’ll need to cut something out to make more time, so for the year of 2018 I’m going to stop watching movies. I am definitely a movie snob, but I wouldn’t say I watch an excessive amount of films. I will say though, movies have always been the easy choice when it comes to deciding how to spend my leisure time. Reading Proverbs 5 rounded out my conclusion.

For the Lord sees clearly what a man does, examining every path he takes. An evil man is held captive by his own sins; they are ropes that catch and hold him. He will die for lack of self-control; he will be lost because of his great foolishness. Proverbs 5:21-23

The last thing I want is for God to be dissecting my decisions and wondering why I spent ninety minutes watching the latest Netflix exclusive instead of reading and gaining knowledge that could potentially be more useful than what I learn on the big screen. I don’t believe movies are inherently bad, but for 2018 I want to see what knowledge can be gained through books and I also believe doing this will be a good way to practice self-control in an effort to not be lost due to great foolishness!

So… do you have any recommendations?


PS: I understand our blog isn’t usually this self-reflective. I suppose I wanted to write this in order that you all might hold me accountable to this goal! Thank you!

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  1. Hey Justin,

    A great place to begin to explore all things Coffee is at The SCAA is a trade organization for coffee professionals. You’ll find good resources and valuable info. on the site itself.

    I’d also recommend “Soul Keeping” by John Ortberg. I wished I’d read it 20 years ago!

    1. Thanks for the recommendations, Don! Is Soul Keeping anything like Soul Care by Rob Reimer? Are you familiar with that book?

  2. Great reminder of focusing on one thing – Christ, “forgetting and leaving things behind” and “pressing forward!”

    Blessings on you all!

  3. If you find yourself missing movies then you can give yourself a movie “allowance” where you can watch a certain number in a given timeframe e.g. one movie every other month. You can go from there!

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