Stuck in the middle… or not? Plus, “Duh” moments

Please, some one tell me I’m not going crazy! Transitional periods are by far the hardest part about change. I suppose I could use the growing pains analogy, about looking forward and fighting through the pain. Those are all thoughts that come to mind and everyone will tell you change is for the better. But wow, is that stuff easier said than done. I also don’t necessarily think it’s accurate… At least the bit about fighting through it, just hanging in there. That mumbo jumbo. It’s easy for people to see where they want to finish, and even easier to see where they’ve started, but it’s definitely not easy to remember that the middle, the transition, the change is where the journey is.

That’s something I have to keep reminding myself every. single. day.

What a relief it is to know I’ve got a God who will provide, so when I doubt things I quickly remember He’s got it. There is no need to worry. That’s not my job… but in that brief moment of doubt I’ve found myself being struck with some of those “duh” moments. They’re the pits… “Duh” moments are when some one reminds you of something that you realize you knew but are annoyed or embarrassed that you didn’t think about it when the appropriate moment for it arrived. Yeah, God does that to me all the time. I tell Him it’s annoying too. Nevertheless, those moments point me towards where I need to grow. What needs to change to make this transition… and that’s a good thing.

It’s easy to see and hear of all the ways God will and can use us in Taipei… but for now I need to work on the transition. 

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