T minus one month till I quit my job.

You read that right. Exactly one month from today’s date Brittany and I will be quitting our jobs… But we can’t buy our tickets to Taipei yet. Here’s why:

Our support is a third of what our income will be in Taiwan. The other two thirds will come through English teaching jobs. Praise the Lord, Brittany has a job in place already! She just has to get to Taipei. I’m still searching, and since the school year starts at the beginning of September, that means that in order to secure 2/3 of our income – the income that allows us to act on our calling to the Aroma – we need to be in Taiwan by mid August.

Envision requires us to have raised 100% of our support before departing to Taiwan… and that’s where our time crunch comes into play.

So why am I quitting my job? Here’s the answer: I know God wants us in Taiwan, and I believe that he wants us there this year! This is my family’s leap of faith. After we’re done at our jobs we’ll have a short time to tie up loose ends as well as to continue fundraising, and we’ve also planned a trip to visit Brittany’s family in Pennsylvania.

Brothers and sisters, please consider supporting my family’s call to Taiwan. We cannot wait to further God’s work at the Aroma as they bring the youth of Taipei into their doors, all while proclaiming God’s name! We so desperately want to help them grow.

We have 80% of our funding left to raise and we want you to be part of it! And don’t forget to pray for us! One big prayer request is that we are able to sell our car!

Here’s the link if you feel called to give. 

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