Britt’s Big Surprise

I’m sure you’ve heard the news by now, but I am pregnant! Surprise! It’s still weird for me to think I’m already almost 16 weeks along! (As of May 7th, 2019) Baby is due October 26, but we’ll see if he or she stays put that long… Kennedy barely made it to 37 weeks before she decided to make her debut!

Speaking of my pregnancy with Kennedy, this time around feels so different! With Kennedy I was nauseous from the time I woke up until the time I went to bed. It was awful! Don’t get me wrong, I’m so thankful for her and wouldn’t trade her for the world, but my pregnancy with her was less than comfortable. Besides being nauseous, I was tired ALL THE TIME. Not a normal tired, but a barely able to function tired!

This time has been so different! I do get nauseous and tired sometimes, but so far at least, it’s not too bad. It usually comes a few times a day, but it usually passes pretty quickly. As for being tired, maybe I’m a little more tired earlier in the evening, but it’s also not an all day thing. I’m so thankful for that! Pray that this continues. In many ways so far everything has gone extremely smooth. I don’t always have the best appetite, but my family does a good job of making sure I am eating. It’s definitely easier to be intentional with healthy eating, too, when you’ve got a baby (小珍珠) constantly reminding you of their presence.

The three of us are so excited for October, and can hardly wait to fully welcome this new little one into our lives!