Taipei, here we come!

It’s happening! You’ve seen that internet meme right? The .gif of that one guy with his hands in the air as crazy rainbow colored backgrounds flash behind him. That is how I feel… times a million.

We have officially purchased our tickets (and even have 4/6 bags packed!) for Taipei. We’ll be arriving in Taiwan on July 28th filled with happiness, jet lag, and I’m sure a mixed bag of so many more emotions.

We’ll be arriving in Taiwan on July 28th

God has blessed us beyond belief with so many of you bringing your gifts and words of encouragement to us. Thank you for responding to this calling God has placed on our hearts. We cannot wait to get started! Brothers and sisters, if you’ve taken the time to pray about supporting us and feel led then I would urge you to do so now! If you haven’t had the chance to consider this, please, do it now! We are still in need of monthly supporters willing to take on the remaining $550 (per month) we have left to raise. If a recurring gift isn’t something you can take on at the moment then know too that we do have outgoing expenses (read: expensive plane tickets) as well as one time landing expenses (visas and alien resident certifications) that a one time gift would be perfect for!

We are SOOO thankful for YOU, our friends and family that have taken it upon yourselves to enable our calling. We can humbly say you have helped us raise 2/3rd’s of our support and we continue to put our trust in our almighty God, daily, as we rely on Him to supply the remaining third.

For instructions on how to give, click here.

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