We’ve got room…

So, we’ve got this room in our home. It’s got a bed; A bunk bed, to be specific. Theoretically the room could fit about three bunk beds in it, although you’d have space for nothing else. (This all to say the room is roughly 8x10ft.) Over the past three years we’ve had five different friends live in it for six months or longer. We’ve had countless other friends spend the night in it, and Brittany and I have even bunked there once or twice while guests used our room!

Part of our ministry in Taipei is hosting people. For this purpose, our tiny room has worked really well. At the start of this month, our good friend, Emily returned back to her home state of Minnesota after spending nine months with us (living in the room). It was quite a treat being able to host Emily. Fresh out of high school, she brought energy and a big smile to our home and our ministry here in Ximen. As parents, we were blessed to have Emily as a unique role model to our daughter, Kennedy. Being the artist that she is, Emily would often show Kennedy what she was making/painting/drawing and encourage her to participate too. Needless to say, Kennedy’s taken up a love for arts and crafts that her mother nor I can really say we have.

However, now that Emily has left, Brittany and I decided to repurpose this room. You see, Kennedy’s shared a room with Brittany and I for the last four years and now we’d like to give Kennedy a space of her own. Not to worry, we have another room just like this one, right across the hall. We still love hosting and will continue to… We just need to make some space. Just like the seasons change, so do our lives, and this seems like the change of seasons for the room.

As we cleaned and moved Kennedy’s things into this room I started to mourn giving up this opportunity. I was reflecting on how we’d been blessed with such a big home (for Ximen’s standards) and how it was so great to be able to make room and bless others with our home. Thankfully, my mourning was cut short by my wise and wonderful wife who quickly reminded me that we’ve been blessed with more than physical rooms. Perhaps the coming months mean making room and letting others into our time, work, day to day? What if we made space to chat with the guy sitting next to us at our local coffee shops? What about the person who’s been begging to have lunch with you? Perhaps I can clear up some room to invite someone into my weekend’s activities?

I know my God has blessed me and so I bless others. Count your blessings and get out there! Fill those rooms up!

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